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Dr. Chimezie Amaefule

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Individualisierte Förderung

+49 (0)69-24708-495

Projekt: PROMPT


Aktuelle Publikationen

Amaefule, C. O., Lüdtke, S., Klostermann, A., Hinz, C. A., Kampa, I., Kirste, T., & Teipel, S. (2023). At crossroads in a virtual city: Effect of spatial disorientation on gait variability and psychophysiological response among healthy older adults. Gerontology.

Amaefule, C. O., Breitwieser, J., Biedermann, D., Nobbe, L., Drachsler, H., & Brod, G. (2023). Fostering children’s acceptance of educational apps: The importance of designing enjoyable learning activities. British Journal of Educational Technology.

Teipel, S., Amaefule, C., Lüdtke, S., Görß, D., Faraza, S., Bruhn, S., Kirste, T. (2022). Prediction of Disorientation by Accelerometric and Gait Features in Young and Older Adults Navigating in a Virtually Enriched Environment. Frontiers in Psychology.

Amaefule C., Dyrba M., Wolfsgruber S., Polcher A., Schneider A., Fliessbach K., Spottke A., Meiberth D., Preis L., Peters O., Incesoy E.I., Spruth E.J., Priller J., Altenstein S., Bartels C., Wiltfang J., Janowitz D., Bürger K., Laske C., Munk M., Rudolph J., Glanz W., Dobisch L., Haynes J.D., Dechent P., Ertl-Wagner B., Scheffler K., Kilimann I., Düzel E., Metzger C.D., Wagner M., Jessen F., Teipel S.J. (2021). Association between composite scores of domain-specific cognitive functions and regional patterns of atrophy and functional connectivity in the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum. Neuroimage Clinical.

Undorf M., Amaefule C., Kamp S.-M. (2020). The neurocognitive basis of metamemory: Using the N400 to study the contribution of fluency to judgments of learning. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.