Cognitive Development

Cognitive, socio-emotional, motivational, and volitional processes show dynamics at different time-scale levels, ranging from short-term fluctuations, over day-to-day variation, to long-term changes across the lifespan. We are convinced that research on developmental and educational processes can benefit immensely from investigating the interrelation of such processes (e.g., is cognitive performance related to momentary affect?) and their connection across time-scale levels. This way, we aim at understanding how individual differences in long-term psychological and educational outcomes are produced by complex and individually differing dynamics.

The Cognitive Development Lab investigates such dynamics with intensive longitudinal study designs that are embedded in the real-life environments of children and adults.

Our research includes the development of self-report instruments and cognitive tasks for ambulatory assessment studies and of advanced statistical models for (connecting) short-term dynamics and longer-term change processes. Based on the identification of individual differences in the short-term dynamics, we furthermore aim at developing and evaluating individualized interventions that are applicable in everyday life contexts.

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Friederike Blume

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