"Reflecting on one's own teaching – strengthening teachers' competencies"

A theory-practice forum on July 6th rounds up the lecture series organized by the IDeA center, Goethe University and Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie. Using concrete examples, experts show(ed) how reflection processes can be initiated among teachers and made fruitful for teaching and school development.

DIPF Blog about PROMPT

The DIPF Blog presents the PROMPT project in a recent article (in German language): “First play soccer, then work on vocabulary – learning organization with app support.” Garvin Brod and Jasmin Breitwieser explain how self-discipline and organization of students can be strengthened and promoted with the help of the specially developed app PROMPT.

Basic Psychological Needs: Podcast with Andreas Neubauer

For a new episode of the DIPF podcast series, Andreas Neubauer (Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab) reported from his research on basic psychological needs. The educational researcher explains in the podcast conversation why it is so important that not only the physical needs for sleep or food but also the needs for social closeness or success are satisfied.