ExTra on Insta: Study on young adults' goals presents itself on Instagram

What goals do young adults have – and why? With the ExTra study, researchers from the Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab want to gain new insights into this. Now they are also presenting their study via Instagram.

Economist presents study results

Test anxiety has no effect on exam performance – at least not beyond the level of knowledge identified in mock exams or in the preparation phase: The article by Maria Theobald, Jasmin Breitwieser and Garvin Brod, just published in the journal Psychological Science (online first), is reviewed in the current issue of The Economist (online behind the paywall).

Cyber attack on DIPF

Despite all security precautions, the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education became the victim of a cyber attack. DIPF employees are again individually reachable, please note, however, that the e-mail addresses have changed.