New Study on Vocabulary Learning via App: Is it Easier to Learn Digitally?

The PROMPT project team is developing a learning planner app to help children successfully use digital learning media such as apps. In the study, which is now beginning, the children will pass on their experiences in learning English vocabulary to the researchers via the app. This will help them better understand what is important for successful vocabulary learning – and make learning easier.

What Homeschooling Means for Families - Presentation by Friederike Blume

Friederike Blume will present some excerpts from research on the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on school skill development (Project PACO) for an interested (non-scientific) audience under the title “Effects of Homeschooling on Stress and Well-Being in Families and Options for Relief.”

New project to improve digital technologies for children

With $11 million, the Jacobs Foundation is supporting the creation of a collaborative network to help adapt digital technologies for children. “Connecting the EdTech Research EcoSystem” (CERES) will bring together world-leading researchers from a wide range of fields, Garvin Brod being one of them.