Invitation to the guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Caren Walker

The “Individualized Interventions Lab” invites you to the guest lecture „What Shapes the Space of Possibilities that Children Consider?“ by Prof. Dr. Caren Walker on October 17th at 6pm via Zoom.

Election of Friederike Blume to the EUNETHYDIS Board of Directors

Our colleague Dr. Friederike Blume was elected to the board of EUNETHYDIS EUNETHYDIS (The EUropean NETwork for HYperkinetic DISorders) at the annual meeting in Montpellier. There, she will focus on the concerns and support of researchers in the early career phase. Congratulations!

New research on social media use: How upward comparisons and well-being are linked in children and young people

A new study by Andrea Irmer in the Cognitive Development Lab shows that the use of social media is linked to diminished well-being among children and adolescents. The DIPF researchers primarily investigated the question of how this link arises. The result: upward social comparisons play a central role. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal “Communications Psychology” with the title “Associations between youth’s daily social media use and well-being are mediated by upward comparisons“.