Study Launch: What Goals do Young Adults Pursue?

The ExTra project investigates what goals young adults pursue and what reasons they have for these goals. To do this, a team from the Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab queries young adults’ experience of everyday life using short questionnaires on their smartphones.

Interview with Maria Theobald on Test Anxiety in Psychologie Heute

For its current issue, the journal Psychologie Heute interviewed Maria Theobald (Individualized Interventions Lab). In the interview, she presents her research on test anxiety: Why a long-suspected thesis can be considered disproved, how procrastination and test anxiety are related, and which strategies can be helpful in combating it.

"Supporting Children with Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity" – New Article by Friederike Blume

Together with Dieter Baeyens (University of Leuven), Friederike Blume (Cognitive Development Lab) has published an article about the needs of children attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It also presents some measures how teachers can support affected children.