New lab, new colleagues!

In the Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab, which is funded by the DFG as an Emmy Noether group, processes of socio-emotional adaptation in educational contexts (e.g., during the transition from secondary to tertiary education) and developmental contexts (e.g., in families’ everyday lives) are examined in empirical studies using ambulatory assessment methods. Head of the new research area is Andreas Neubauer, new staff members are Anne Sosin and Leonie Mouret.

Podcast with Andrea Schmidt: Social relationships at school

The importance of friendships at school: The fourth episode of the DIPF podcast “Sitzenbleiben” is about the essential connection between social relationships and the individual well-being of pupils. Andrea Schmidt reports on her research and a study she conducted on this topic.

New project to improve digital technologies for children

With $11 million, the Jacobs Foundation is supporting the creation of a collaborative network to help adapt digital technologies for children. “Connecting the EdTech Research EcoSystem” (CERES) will bring together world-leading researchers from a wide range of fields, Garvin Brod being one of them.