Das Foto zeigt Elena Galeano-Keiner.

Dr. Lucas Lörch

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Post-Doc Individualisierte Förderung


Projekt: PREDICT


Ausgewählte Publikationen

Lörch, L. (2021). The association of eye movements and performance accuracy in a novel sight-reading task. Journal of Eye Movement Research.

Lörch, L. (2021). Chunking in Tonal Contexts. Information Compression in Serial Recall of Visually Presented Musical Notation. Psychology of Music.

Lörch, L. (2021). MidiAnalyze. A Python Package for the Analysis of Musical Performance Midi Data.

Münzer, S., Lörch, L., Frankenstein, J. (2020). Wayfinding and Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge with Navigation Assistance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

Krukar, J., Münzer, S., Lörch, L., Anacta, V. J., Fuest, S. & Schwering, A. (2018). Distinguishing Sketch Map Types: A Flexible Feature-Based Classification. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Tübingen, Germany.