About our partnership

The DIPF delivers empirical educational research, digital infrastructure and targeted knowledge transfer, thus contributing to coping with challenges in education.

One of its departments, the Department of Education and Human Development focuses on the individual development of children in educational contexts. The crucial issue concerns individual prerequisites and conditions necessary for the development of successful learning, such as motivational and volitional dispositions as well as manifold cognitive competencies. The overall objective of the researchers is to obtain theoretically and empirically based foundations for designing educational processes across the lifespan – with focus on early education – so that deeper insights can be gained into the potentials for development and the possibilities for changing individual behavior and experiences.

The primary goal of the Jacobs Foundation has been to help all children, regardless of their origin, place of residence or parental income, to reach their full potential. The improvement of learning processes of children at young age is at the heart of the foundations interest. Its approach is designed to foster learning from evidence to action to systems across diverse contexts.

Based on these overlapping agendas, DIPF and Jacobs Foundation decided to join forces and to start a strategic partnership. Our goal is to better understand individual prerequisites for learning in children and to provide them with tailored support. To reach this goal, we use cutting-edge technology that allows to tailor interventions to an individual child.

Find out here, which persons are involved in this partnership and in which of the labs (Cognitive Development, Individualized Interventions and Intensive Longitudinal Data) and projects they are organized.