Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab

Intensive longitudinal data allow to examine changes in individuals’ behaviors and experiences on different time scales – from short term, moment-to-moment fluctuations to long term changes across the life span. These data are often collected in everyday life via smartphone-based ambulatory assessment studies.

In the Intensive Longitudinal Data Lab we collect and analyze these data, focusing on research in the areas of (developmental) psychological research and empirical educational research. The main conceptual area of interest of our lab targets socio-emotional adaptation processes over the life span. In this context, we investigate the role of fulfillment of basic psychological needs for these processes. In another line of research, our lab targets psychometric issue in intensive longitudinal data and develops statistical models for the analysis of intensive longitudinal data. For this purpose, we also use simulation studies in addition to collecting and analyzing empirical data.

The research conducted in this lab forms the basis for other research investigating the question how everyday behavior and experience influence long-term change processes. Our research is therefore also an essential building block for the development of individualized interventions.

Current projects:

Selected Publications

Brose, A., Neubauer, A. B., & Schmiedek, F. (2022). Integrating state dynamics and trait change: A tutorial using the example of stress reactivity and change in well-being. European Journal of Personality. European Journal of Personality.

Neubauer, A. B., Kramer, A. C., Irmer, A., Könen, T., Dirk, J., & Schmiedek, F. (2021). Reciprocal relations of subjective sleep quality and affective well-being in late childhood. Developmental Psychology.

Neubauer, A. B., Irmer, A., Kramer, A. C., & Schmiedek, F. (2021). A little autonomy support goes a long way: Daily autonomy-supportive parenting, child well-being, parental need fulfillment, and change in child, family, and parent adjustment across the adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Child Development.

Ruf, A., Neubauer, A. B., Ebner-Priemer, U., Reif, A., & Matura, S. (2021). Studying dietary intake in daily life through multilevel two-part modelling: A novel analytical approach and its practical application. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Stoffel, M., Neubauer, A. B., & Ditzen, B. (2021). How to assess and interpret everyday life salivary cortisol measures: a tutorial on practical and statistical considerations. Psychoneuroendocrinology.

Our Team

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