The Jacobs Foundation

The Jacobs Foundation has been investing in the future of young people for more than 30 years, providing them with opportunities to become socially responsible and productive members of society. Better opportunities for positive development and equitable access to education are intended to help achieve this goal.

The foundation’s work is structured around the core focus of understanding and embracing variability in learning during the early years (ages 2-12) and early transitions. Research shows that the early years are a crucial period for learning and that children have an enormous capacity to learn, especially given favorable conditions and surroundings. The Jacobs Foundation therefore supports research of these learning processes.

In addition to research funding, from which the strategic partnership with the DIPF emerged, the Jacobs Foundation also aims to promote evidence-based ideas for learning, to support schools in offering quality education and sharing best practices, and to transform education systems around the world.

Detailed information on the Jacobs Foundation’s self-image and goals can be found on