Picture showing Alexandra Schmitterer

Dr. Alexandra Schmitterer

Academic Staff Post-Doc
Individualized Interventions Lab

+49 (0)69-24708-379


CV and Publications on the Website of DIPF

Selected Publications

Schmitterer, A.M.A., Brod, G. (2021). Which data do elementary school teachers use to determine reading difficulties in their students? Journal of Learning Disabilities.

Schmitterer, A.M.A., Schroeder, S. (2019). Young children’s ability to distinguish thematic relations. Cognitive Development.

Schmitterer, A.M.A., Schroeder, S. (2019).
Grain size effects in rime judgment across literacy development in German. Applied Psycholinguistics.

Schmitterer, A.M.A., Schroeder, S. (2019).
Effects of reading and spelling predictors before and after school entry. Learning and Instruction.

Wlodarczyk, A., Elsner, C., Schmitterer, A.M.A, Wertz, A. (2018). Every rose has its thorn. Evolution and Human Behavior.